Our Procedure

Building a custom home with Semerjian Builders begins long before a building contract is signed and actual construction begins. Mark Semerjian’s active participation in the construction process and his collaboration with expert craftsmen, architects and interior designers creates a fluid and seamless process which exceeds his clients’ exacting requests.



Based on the scope and size of the project, a retainer is paid to Semerjian Builders for the following pre-construction services. The retainer will be credited back to the Owner following the signing of a Building Contract and Construction Loan Settlement.

  • Ground acquisition or evaluation of a client owned property.
  • Assisting clients with hiring a project architect and engineer.
  • Consulting with construction techniques, materials and detailing.
  • Formulation of General Specifications and Selection Schedules: Mark will guide the client’s through every specific selection and specification for their custom home in order to determine preliminary cost estimating. Although the selections may not be the exact items which end up in their dream home, this process is the most accurate method of determining features and details his client’s desire for their home. For those specifications which cannot be determined, an allowance will be accurately allocated though extensive dialogue with the clients.
  • Coordinating information with the civil engineer and the site plan design.
  • Assistance in construction bank financing.


  • Semerjian Builders accurately determines the fixed price cost of your dream home based on the architectural plans, site engineering plans and General Specifications.
  • A fixed price Building Contract is formulated. The cost of the project remains fixed, unless the client’s decide to modify or add items to the General Specifications.
  • Project cost summary is coordinated with Owner’s banking institution and appraiser to in order to obtain construction bank financing.


  • Mark Semerjian personally manages every detail of the construction of a client’s home. He is on site each and every day ensuring that his expert craftsmen perform to his standards.
  • His clients are requested to visit the site in order to become educated on the current and upcoming stages of construction. Following site visits, the client is provided with meeting minutes in order to give them a hands-on report on the progress of their home.
  • Scheduling is a key ingredient in the determination of a projects life cycle. Clients are personally guided by Mark through the Selection Schedule in order to make final selections.
  • At the completion of a project, Mark Semerjian and his clients determine a detailed punch list in writing for any items that may be incomplete along with a timeline in which they are scheduled to be completed. In addition, Mark Semerjian’s clients are tutored on all of the features of the home from complex HVAC systems to the high-end appliances.

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